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Champions Tp Vol 04 Northern Lights (STL097823)

Champions Tp Vol 04 Northern Lights (STL097823)

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  • Description
    A fresh era begins as Ironheart and the Unstoppable Wasp join the Champions! The team has grown, but the mission stays the same - fighting to make the world a better place for all! But the super villain known as the Master has plans, too: he's determined to save Earth from itself! And the Champions are going tohelp?! But the Champions are on a collision course with Alpha Flight! Could Ms. Marvel have to battle her idol, Captain Marvel? And who is the new hero Snowguard? Plus: Nova no more?! And the events of Infinity Countdown are felt as the battle for the Power Stone sends the Champions into outer space, where they'll fight for - Thanos! Strange allegiances and sacrifices will be madeand one young hero is about to lose everything. Collecting CHAMPIONS (2016) #19-21 and INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CHAMPIONS #1-2. Rated T+
  • Details
    Artist: Izaakse, Sean
    Brand Code: MH
    Cover Artist: Caselli, Stefano
    Genre: Super-hero
    ISBN: 1302909827
    Issue: 4
    Page Count: 118
    Publisher: MARVEL COMICS
    Series Code: 137861
    Ship Date: 11/7/2018
    STOCK NO: STL097823
    Writer: Zub, Jim
    DIAMD NO: AUG181083
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