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War Mumak of Harad

War Mumak of Harad

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  • Description
    The armies of Harad often employ Mumakil, massive war-beasts trained by the Mahud, to trample their enemies under colossal hooves. A Mumak is nigh unstoppable once is begins its charge, tossing aside enemies like broken dolls. The largest model in The Lord of The Rings range, a Mumak can break through an enemy line while Haradrim warriors rain deadly arrows from atop the howdah on its mighty back. This boxed set contains: one plastic War Mumak of Harad, 12 Warriors of Harad (four with bows and eight with spear) and one Mumak Champion.
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    Part Code: 99121466001
    Sub Category: Monsters, Warriors
    Main Category: The Fallen Realms
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