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  • $110.00 New
    This Starter Force Contains: Nine BMP-1 or BMP-2 Armoured Fighting Vehicles Nine Assault Rifle Teams Six RPG-7 Anti-tank Teams Five T-55AM-2 Tanks Two SU-25 Frogfoot Aircraft Two Flight Stands... read more

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  • $25.00 New
    TTK24 Czechoslovak Gaming Set (x20 Tokens, x2 Objectives, x16 Dice)

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  • $50.00 New
    The T-64 tank was a second generation tank design that first entered service in 1967 to replace the older first generation tanks. It features many innovative design features.

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  • $35.00 New
    The US Marine Corps adopted the British Hawker-Siddley Harrier, the famed Jump Jet, in 1971. Designated AV-8, the Harrier is a high performance jet aircraft that is uniquely capable of vertical and... read more

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  • $54.00 New
    The M247 Sergeant York came out of the DIVAD (DIVision Air Defense) programme to find a replacement for the M163 VADS and went into production in 1981 The M247 is fitted with fully-stabilized twin... read more

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  • $50.00 New
    Soviet motor rifle companies equipped with the BMP-3, Boevaya Mashina Pehoty 3 or 'Infantry Combat Vehicle 3', share the same role as their comrades equipped with the BMP-1 and BMP-2. Designed to k... read more

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  • $50.00 New
    Compared to the original Marder, the Marder 2 is an entirely new vehicle, which shares only the name and general layout. The armored protection of the Marder 2 was rated to withstand a 30mm AP roun... read more

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  • $110.00 New
    With its usual professionalism, the British Army had prepared for war. Now, as the Soviet Army flooded across the border into West Germany, it was ready and waiting. Fox, Scorpion and Scimitar reco... read more

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